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Information on invoicing

Marking of invoices

Information on which subsidiary and how to mark your invoice correctly will be given by your contact person. Invoices that are marked incorrectly will be returned. 

  • If the invoice refers to a project, the marking must be a project number (example: 39937201)

  • Other invoices must be marked with account/property number (example: 4181/3044)

  • Invoice made to Jernhusen AB must be marked: account/AOMR (example: 6550/1021)

Information on electronic invoices

Jernhusen only accept electronic invoices. Please contact our partner Pagero if you need assistance, +46 10-457 68 00, www.pagero.com


Jernhusen is connected to the Peppol network. Each Jernhusen company has a unique Peppol-ID.

Our Peppol-ID is: 0007:organization  number for each company.
For example, Peppol-ID for Jernhusen AB is 0007:5565842027​

Invoice portal

If you are unable to send e-invoices you can register them in our invoice portal. It will be transformed into an electronic invoice and sent to us. 

Invoice Portal - Pagero Free