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This is Jernhusen

Jernhusen owns real estate related to the Swedish railroad system and railway infrastructure at our train depots and cargo terminals.

Through our real estate, we connect different modes of transportation and help create efficient transfer points for passengers. Our real estate contributes to the attractiveness and efficiency of the Swedish railway system, with the overall ambition to encourage more people to choose public transport and enable more cargo to be moved by train.

This is how we do it

  • Offer attractive stations that connect different modes of transport in efficient intermodal nodes.

  • Develop strategically located train depots with modern equipment to facilitate train maintenance.

  • Develop a network of cargo terminals with easy transshipment between railway and road.

  • Develop urban areas near stations into new city districts that further increase the advantages of public transportation.


Railway stations have an important impact on the overall travel experience. Their purpose is to serve as pleasant, efficient intermodal nodes where it is easy for passengers to switch between different modes of transport. We strive to increase the number of passengers using public transport. To do this, we continuously develop the offering of available shops, restaurants and services at stations. Together, they create a sense of well-being and safety, and make everyday tasks easier.

Urban development

When more people live and work near stations, the areas around them become more attractive and more people experience the benefits of public transport. We build and develop our real estate in close proximity to the railway. This helps to create the conditions for growth in the city and the region since offices and housing close to communications encourage more people to use public transport. This in turn contributes to a more flexible labour market and is better for the environment.

Train depots

Efficient railway maintenance requires flexible depots that are continuously adapted to new needs through the use of new technology. We develop our depots in close cooperation with our customers and provide infrastructure, buildings and heavy equipment. Strategically located depots help to reduce the time that vehicles are out of service and avoid empty trains. We contribute to better flow management, which in turn leads to a reliable timetable.

Cargo terminals

At our cargo terminals, transshipment between rail and road is easy. Long-distance transport by rail leads to fewer trucks on the road, which in turn means lower emissions and a safer traffic environment. A network of strategically located cargo terminals is an important prerequisite for a sustainable goods supply in our growing urban areas.

In brief

  • Jernhusen own 143 properties with a market value of SEK 21.3 billion.

  • While we mainly own property related to the railway system, such as stations, maintenance depots and cargo terminals, we also own a number of office buildings close to our stations. And one hotel.

  • We have 166 employees.

  • The company was founded in 2000/2001 when Statens Järnvägar was incorporated. The new company, Jernhusen, acquired real estate valued at approximately SEK 6 billion.

  • Jernhusen is a Swedish public limited company with its registered office and head office in Stockholm. Jernhusen is wholly owned by the Swedish state.